Expertise in Ghostwriting

Anyone who works through the websites of ghostwriting agencies and freelance ghostwriters gets the impression that they have a lot to do with geniuses. If you take a closer look and think, a different picture emerges.

Because the term ghostwriter is not protected, no special skills are needed to take advantage of the term. The result: The industry seems to be outgrowing and sometimes giving off a bad image that harms just serious and competent ghostwriters and their agencies: Where too many students push the market, the “something with media” or “something with literature / art / Language “- and see this as a substitute for expertise, it comes to customers to nasty surprises. Because expressiveness alone can hardly replace the missing technical background. The result: The self-proclaimed ghostwriters make do with contentious difficult places with spongy formulations. Instead of providing accurate information, the text becomes a string of phrases and the scientific content inevitably drops.

A ghostwriter will only work to the satisfaction of his client if his background knowledge is at least as extensive – ideally much larger than that of the client. Only then can it be guaranteed that the text meets the technical requirements of the customer. Added to this is the essential general education in order to be able to classify the text and the conclusions drawn therein into a larger context.

Anyone who wants a sophisticated non-fiction book for a wider readership, will hardly be content with the texts of new students – even if they have a generally high scientific level, at least experienced readers will reveal the lack of life and writing experience.

Agencies that have only a small staff, often have no accurate authors on the desired subject or the desired subject combination and must therefore fall back on non-specialist authors. It is always worthwhile to take a closer look.