Why a homework takes a lot of time?

For a scientific housework is usually a sufficient period available – at least it looks like in the beginning.

If you want to avoid having to do a show of strength the day before the deadline and maybe have to work through the night, you have to start planning, researching and writing in good time.

Especially in the first semesters, students usually can not yet estimate how fast they are progressing and how much work the textwriting requires. When a student writes a scientific text for the first time, he encounters numerous hurdles that make progress difficult:

The topic of the term paper may have been discussed in the seminar in two hours, but background knowledge has yet to be researched: which authors are important? Which theories belong to the topic? Are there any current developments?

The library, its cataloging and sorting are still unknown.

The most sensible work habits must also be explored: Should a text directly during reading already find its way into one’s own work? Is it easier to first write out the most important keywords, is the literature printed out or read on the screen and marked?

Once all this preliminary work has been completed, it is up to the letter – which can have its own quirks. Does the phrase sound good? Is the sentence, whose formulation has been devouring the last three hours, and which now extends over five lines, still understandable to the reader at all?

Often the first contact with a word processing program is added, whose basic functions must be learned first, whereby here and there to difficulties can come.

In order to be able to hand in the work on time, therefore, care must be taken. The sooner you start to deal with the topic, literature, software and your own work habits, the better. Concentration is important: often two early morning hours of concentrated work are more productive than a day spent between e-mails, Facebook, lecture and refectory. If you want, you can also create a timetable – including a reserve period – that will better structure your work.