Why students use ghostwriters?

Academic ghostwriting is an area that is difficult to research scientifically because both customers and companies are reluctant to look in the charts.

Therefore, there is no reliable data in this area. However, information about the motivation results from the inquiries. Often students need a scientific text that they have failed to create before. Because the delivery dates are often very scarce and sometimes even for experienced ghostwriters great challenges. For many inquiries, there are already subdivisions or own elaborations.

Writing is not easy for everyone, and often the measures of the universities, the tutorials and training courses do not show the desired success. In some cases, fears of failure or stress are also noticeable, with “the fear of the empty leaf” being one of the lesser problems.

What happens to the texts written by ghostwriters? It can be assumed that the instructions of the ghostwriting agencies, according to which the texts can not be issued as a separate examination performance, are not always followed. There may also be intermediate paths: The text written by the ghostwriter is changed again, supplemented or even translated, so that the client at least partially contributes – in this way, some students could try to blur the boundaries between their own and others’ work.

It is not up to the agencies or the ghostwriters to examine the purpose of the work, nor do they have the opportunity. Because customers rightly claim discretion as an important part of their service.

The fact is: in a university system that is characterized by rising student numbers, stressed professors and scarce resources, it is made very easy for swindlers. Even where lecturers in overcrowded events rely on template-based tasks for the chores, the risk of fraud is significantly increased.